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Started in 2009 the Department of Aeronautical Engineering has over the years adapted and improved with the fast pace of technology. A sincere and hardworking student body and wholehearted support of the dedicated faculty have contributed in no small measure to the professional successes enjoyed by a good number of individuals this department. The department has been continually changing and evolving to meet the needs of modern industry and to train its students to pursue their goals with concentrated determination. With rapid changes in the professional world the department has also focused on the drawing of the information age and has established new courses and laboratory facilities with the aim of supplying their students with every tool they need to succeed in the fast changing landscape of the modern professional arena. Thus the department ensures the students the versatility to adapt to the dynamic and fast moving world and its many industries.


Scope of Aeronautical Engineering:

Aeronautical Engineers work with one of the most technologically advanced branches of engineering. The main thrust in this area is on design and development of aircrafts to space and satellite research. Jobs are available with the national, international, public and private Airline Services as well as aircraft-manufacturing units Job opportunities for an Aeronautical Engineer in India, lies with various airlines like Air India, Indian Airlines, Helicopter Corporation of India and flying clubs, private airlines and government owned air service and aircraft manufacturers like the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) with its factories at Bangalore, Nashik, Koraput, Kanpur etc. Defense Research and Development Laboratories, National Aeronautical Lab (NAL), Aeronautical Development Establishment, Civil Aviation Department etc. The Defense services and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) also happen to be two major employers.


As Nagpur is resided to the core centre of India with grand MIHAN Project, the college will provide required technocrats to fulfill the employability of MIHAN.

Dr. G. D. Mehta is Head of the department.


To achieve excellent standard of quality education by keeping pace with rapidly changing technologies. To create technical manpower of global standards with capabilities of accepting new challenges.


To impart quality education in Aeronautical Engineering to raise satisfaction level of all stake holders. To serve society and the nation by providing professional Aeronautical Engineers who can find solution to community, regional and global problems and accept new challenges in rapidly changing technology. To create competent professionals who are trained in the design and development of Aeronautical Engineering systems and contribute towards research & development activities.


Department of Aeronautical Engineering


Our graduates will be able to analyze and solve Aeronautical Engineering problems by applying basic principles of mathematics, science, and engineering.


Our graduates will be able to use modern engineering techniques to develop their skills and knowledge after graduation to fulfill the needs of society.


Our graduates will have the necessary professional skills, such as high ethical standards, effective oral and written communications and teamwork to be productive engineers.


Our Graduates are better employable and achieve success in their chosen areas of Aeronautical Engineering and related fields.


Our Graduates will use their breadth and depth of knowledge and skills in the fundamental disciplines of aerospace engineering to pursue successful professional careers.


Our Graduates  will have knowledge of the following aeronautical topics such as aerodynamics, aerospace materials, structures, propulsion, flight mechanics, and stability and control


Our Graduates will be productive citizens with high professional and ethical standards.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Dr. G. D. Mehta

Ph. D.

Associate Professor & HOD

Years of Experience: 13

Papers Published: 62

Mr. Rahul Makade

M. Tech. (Aerodynamics)

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 8

Papers Published: 5

Mr. Sandeep Patil

M. Tech. (Aircraft Propulsion)

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 7

Papers Published: 2

Mr. Manoj Mahore

M. Tech. (Turbo Machineries)

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 6

Papers Published: 2

Ms. Jumki Nandy

M.E. (Aero Propulsion)

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 3

Papers Published: 2

Ms. Atiksha Sharma

M.E. (Astronomy and Space)

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 2

Papers Published:4

Mr. Suraj Ghiwe

M. Tech. (Heat Transfer)

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 3

Papers Published: 2

Mr. Vishal Kaushik

M.E. (Aerodynamics)

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 3

Papers Published:2

Mr. Preshit Limje

M.E. Material (Composites)

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 0.6

Papers Published: 2

Mr. Polimeni Ravikumar

M.E. (Structures)

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 3

Papers Published: 13

Faculties of Aeronautical Engineering



4 Years Degree Course

Year of Starting: 2009-10

Laboratories Available in the Department


  • Aerodynamics lab
  • Aircraft system lab
  • Aircraft Structure Lab
  • Aircraft Layout Component Design Lab
  • Aircraft design  Project Lab
  • Propulsion Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab
  • Non Destructive Inspection Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab
  • Computer Programming Lab
  • Basic Engineering Workshop
  • Gaurav Joshi, Sumit chaurey, Mohit rangalani - 1st prize in IIT Kanpur designing and flying, 3rd prize in Boeing Aeromodelling competition.
  • Shubham Sohu - State level silver medalist in shooting competition
  • Priyanka Bawane - Project young innovation award in NIT and 2nd rank (laminar flow jet)
  • Unnati Kashimkar - Got 1st prize in essay writing in French language organized by Indian post govt of India
  • Saurav Deshmukh Omkar Kulkarni - Got the First Prize at Global Level. Crowds & Climate2016
  • Gaurav Joshi, Sumit chaurey, Mohit rangalani, Niraj Khattar - Got Award at Boeing National Aeromodeling Competetition 2017
  • Gaurav Joshi, Sumit chaurey, Mohit rangalani, Niraj Khattar - Got Award at Boeing National Aeromodeling Competetition 2016

The following students went for higher studies in foreign university


Jayesh somkuwar - University of Texas, Arlington (USA)

Prajkta Khapekar - California, USA

Tejaswini Dawre - University of leeds, UK

Saransh Srivastav - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach,Florida, USA


B.E. in Aeronautical Engineering (Approved by AICTE New Delhi and affiliated to RTMNU, Nagpur)


Students Achievements

Student went for higher studies in other university



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