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Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Civil engineering is the oldest engineering discipline after military engineering, and it was defined to distinguish non-military engineering from military engineering. It is traditionally broken into several sub-disciplines including environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, municipal or urban engineering, water resources engineering, materials engineering, coastal engineering, surveying, and construction engineering. Civil engineering takes place on all levels: in the public sector from municipal through to national governments, and in the private sector from individual homeowners through to international companies.


Construction and housing sector have become the major growth drivers in the Indian economy. The Civil branch is gaining more importance due to the need to create structures and buildings’ resisting to earthquake and other natural calamities, with this in mind the Civil Engineering department is started. Civil Engineering Department was established in 2008. The intake of UG program is 60. The department envisages to create world class civil engineers. The department has highly qualified staff with research and industrial experience. The department is equipped with the required infrastructure and the state-of-the-art laboratories. The students of the department also excel in the University and secure merit ranks every year. Dr. S. A. Dhale is the Head of the Department.


To impart knowledge and excellence in civil engineering and technology, enhancing research quality with global perspectives to make ethically strong engineers to build our nation.


To produce competent civil engineers with technical & managerial skills, research quality and ethical values to serve the society and nation.


To make the department a centre of excellence in the field of civil engineering.


To provide knowledge based consultancy services to the society in various areas of civil engineering.


Department of Civil Engineering





Plan, analyze, design, construct,  manage, advance and maintain various systems in civil engineering (Discipline knowledge)

To achieve excellence & pursue professional licensure and certifications (Professionalism)

Engage in life-long learning and pursue advanced level studies (Lifelong learning & higher studies)

Career advancement & demonstrate managerial skills through active participation in the civil engineering profession to serve the society (Employment)

Civil Engineering graduates will be able to:

  • Apply the basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry to different areas of Civil Engineering.
  • Understand the basic knowledge of civil engineering and conduct civil engineering experiments, analyze and interpret the resulting data by adopting modern tools and techniques
  • Design a component,  system or process in civil engineering considering  public health, safety, environment and sustainability, societal need, and understand the importance of professional licensure
  • Understand the basic concepts of management, leadership, optimization of projects, business, construction policy & laws.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Sr. No. Name of the Department Degree Courses run by the department Yr of starting Duration Intake
1 Civil Engineering B.E. Civil Engineering 2008 4 Yrs 60

Courses and Intake

  • Strength of materials Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Labs
  • Geotechnical Engg. Lab
  • Engineering Geology Lab
  • Computer Programming Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Concrete Technology Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • Structural Analysis Lab
  • Transporation Engg. Lab
  • Seminar Hall
  • Conference Hall
  • Departmental Library
  • Internet Connection


Dr. S.A. Dhale

Ph. D.

Professor & H.O.D.

Year of Experience:- 22

Papers Published: 16

Prof. V. S. Ghutke

M. Tech.

Asst. Prof. & Academic In-Charge

Years of Experience: 12

Papers Published: 13

Mrs. Veena Ganvir


Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 14

Papers Published: 19

Prof. P. S. Bhandari


Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 6

Papers Published: 18

Prof. V. Agrawal


Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 8.5

Papers Published: 8

Prof. Rahul Kachole

M.Tech. (Structure)

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 2

Papers Published: 2

Mr. Vikrant Vairagade


Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 5

Papers Published: 25

Dr. Prashant Dhorabe

M.Tech. Ph.D.

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 2.5

Papers Published: 6

Ms. Sarika Modak

M.Tech. Ph.D.(Submitted)

Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 10.5

Papers Published: 10

Mr. Amol Kedar


Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 6

Papers Published: 7

Ms. Roshani Dhapudkar


Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 5

Papers Published: 14

Ms. Kirti Thakre


Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 03

Papers Published: 10

Ms. Alka Das


Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 3

Papers Published: 5

Prof. Manisha Chichghare


Asst. Prof.

Years of Experience: 01

Papers Published: -

Sr.No Name of Student Title of paper National/International Conference Organized by Year
1 Dr. S.A.DhaleAshok KumarSubrajyoti Datta Effect of Superplasticizers for enhancing the properties of concrete. NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
2 Prof. Vikrant VairagadeIdris FidviAnup Jadhao Introduction to Hybrid Steel Fibre as a secondary reinforcement in FRC NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
3 Prof. Vikash AgrawalSaurav AnandNikhil Kale Performance Evaluation of Plastic modified bitumen in flexible pavement NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
4 Kautubh MadankarPremjit SarkarDebabrata Biswas Study of mix design for influence the compressive strength of concrete NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
5 Prof. V.S.GhutkeShailesh BhagatParimal Bhoge Stabilization of Black Cotton soil using rice husk ash & fly ash NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
6 Prof. Vikash AgrawalSudip DebnathRani Shahu Analysis of solid waste management of Nagpur city NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
7 Kirti Thakre Effect of glass fibre on ordinary concrete ` NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
8 Alok KhairkarSukanta DebnathSonam Yadav Effect of wollastonite on compressive strength of concrete. NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
9 Pratyush KumarSuyash Pandey Kabir Khan Properties of Concrete containing Wollastonite NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
10 Dipen PatelSangram PradhanUmesh Borkar Effect of Fabrillated polypropylene fibre in concrete. NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
11 Subodh SahSomnath DasAjay Gupta Experimental study on behavior of concrete using wollastonite & GGBFS NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
12 Gunjan LichadeNikita GaikwadPooja Khairkar Analysis of River Ganges NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
13 Alaka DasPrajakta Badhe Sythesis & application of Mesoporous Adsorbent for the removal of Hexavalent Chromium from water. NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016
14 Kishan RoyMahendra DangeHarshal Yedalwar To predict compressive strength using Anova NationalCynosure-16 PCE,Nagpur Mar-2016

Faculties of Civil Engineering

  • Student involvement in various technical /cultural activities.
  • Well equipped laboratories with state of art infrastructure.
  • Experienced & well qualified staff.
  • Publications in International/National Journal & Conferences.
  • Well developed departmental library.
  • Publication of Books by staff and PhD awarded.

Key Strengths



Sr.No Name of Student Title of paper National/International Conference Organized by Year
1 Apoorv Nilakhe Use of Plastic in concrete National Spark-15 KDKCOE, Nagpur Mar-2015
2 Brajesh kumar dube ,Ankush M. Pawar, Mobrur Ahmed A review on eco-efficent and low cost concret using easte foundry sand NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
3 Apoorv Nilakhe,Md. Danish, Parekh Bisen Utilization of waste plastic in concrete. NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
4 Ashwini junankar,Shradhha Dhenge,Tanaji Dudhabaware Waste plastic use as a coarse aggregate in concrete. NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
5 Kumar Gaurav concrete a boom or curse for environment NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
6 Jhimli Sahal,Ravi Kumar, Manish Debnath replacement of fine aggregagte by foundry sand in concrete. NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
7 Ankita Bhandarkar,Ashish Singh, Saurabh Nilapwar Utilization of recycle coarse aggregate and rice husk ash in concrete NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
8 Mrunal Kawade,Sudeshna Hazra Compressive strength performance and study of mortar on replacing cement with fly ash. NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
9 Randeep Bharali,Piyush Bhange Wind analysis on Residential Building using staad pro NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
10 Vishal Tulsyan,Avinash kumar Utilization of waste glass powder in concrete -A Litrature review. NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
11 Shefali Pantawane,Saurabh Bawankule, Sourabh Kumar Partial replacement of cement by using rice hush ash NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
12 Hemant Kachawah, Ashish Singh, Saurabh Nilapwar Study of enviromental effect of construction and demolition waste NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
13 Aditya Andhare,manoj kumar singh Re design of pavement for MH-SH-255,hingna road NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
14 Homesh jain,Kartik das, Prof Vikash Agrawal Improving materials management practices on fast-track constructions projects NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
15 Surbhi kadalyawar,Paresh niratkar Imapct of vetiver grass on properties of domestic waste water NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
16 Bhavna kapse Disater prepradness and mitigation NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
17 Anand prakash,Brishketu Sharma, Ujjawal Kumar Steel Fibrereinforced Concrete NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
18 Rajeev Nayan,Kapil khushalani Development of Efficient Self Compacting Concrete by Using Mineral Admixture NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15
19 Sneha Dongre,Vivek Bangde,Akshay Bagde BIM for Construction Industry in India NationalCynosure-15 PCE,Nagpur Mar-15

Executive Office Bearers of the Forum "FORCE"

  • PRESIDENT: Mr. Nishant Singh (VII Sem)
  • VICE-PRESIDENT: Mr. Rishabh Kumar Singh ( V Sem )
  • SECRETARY: Ms. Shivani Singh ( V Sem )
  • TREASURER: Mr. Abhinav Khanorkar ( V Sem )
  • JOINT SECRETARY: Mr. Shivam Tanna ( V Sem )
  • JOINT TREASURER: Ms. Mohini Rewatkar ( V Sem )
  • TECHNICAL INCHARGE: Mr. Yadav Patle ( V Sem ), Mr. Rahul sharma ( V Sem ), Mr. Rushabh Dagli ( V Sem )
  • CULTURAL INCHARGE:Ms. Ankita Murarkar (V Sem), Ms. Pranita Patle ( V Sem ), Ms. Pranjali Vaidya (III Sem)
  • SPORTS INCHARGE: Mr. Piyush Pandey (VII Sem), Mr. Manish Amberwele (V Sem), Ms. Tejashree Ingole (V Sem), Ms. Pratiksha Shastrakar (V Sem)
  • MAGZINE / PUBLICATION INCHARGE: Ms. Simran Nakhate (V Sem), Ms. Priyanka Gaur (V Sem), Ms. Shreya Bhoyar (V Sem)
  • T & P INCHARGE: Mr. Rohan Pande (V Sem), Mr. Karan Tayade (III Sem)
  • EXECUTIVE MEMBERS: Mr. Jyotsna Dukhi (V Sem), Ms. radha Gahane (V Sem), Ms. Jayesh Gour (III Sem), Ms. Ashish Kale (III Sem)

Student Forum 2017-18

List of various activities conducted in ODD Semester under Forum 2015-16

Sr. No Activity Date
01 Installation of Forum at the hand of Dr. Sandeep Shirkhedkar, Director, imaGIS Ind Pvt Ltd 23th July 2016
02 Felicitation of Topper Students 23th July 2016
03 Inauguration of Departmental Magazine “ ELIXIR? 23th July 2016
04 One day Workshop-Fifth Sem (STRAD PRO) with Autodesk 30th July 2016
05 Guest Lecture by Er. V. M. Galande, Renowned Structural Consultant on “Recent Advances in Concrete? 4th August2016
06 Guest Lecture of Er. Vishal Bais from GATE Academy on Career after graduation and GATE preparation 6th August2016
07 Industrial Visit of 3rd Sem at Gorewada 11th August 2016
08 Inauguration of wall magazine 13th August 2016
09 Parents Teacher Meet 13th August 2016
10 Blood Donation Camp 27th August 2016
11 Teacher’s Day Celebration 3th September 2016
12 Fresher’s Day Celebration 3th September 2016
13 Two Days Sport Event 3th & 10th September 2016
14 Engineers Day 15th September 2016
15 Founder’s Day Celebration with Tree Plantation 10th October 2016

List of various activities conducted in ODD Semester under Forum 2015-16

Sr. No Activity Date
01 Installation of Forum at the hand of Chief Guest Er. Manoj Kawalkar, Chairman, ICI local Centre, Nagpur 07th July 2015
02 Felicitation of Topper Students 07th July 2015
03 One day Workshop-Fifth Sem (STAAD PRO) with Autodesk 25th July 2015
04 Blood Donation Camp in Department 8th August 2015
05 Guest Lecture by Dr. Mohd. Nadeem, Vice-President (Sales), Ambuja cement, Mumbai 10th August 2015
06 Inauguration of wall magazine 19th August 2015
07 Spiritual Talk on “Vedic Science? by Swami GopaVrinda 19th August 2015
08 Parents Teacher Meet 22nd August 2015
09 Traditional’s day celebration 31st August 2015
10 Fresher’s day celebration 31st August 2015
11 Founder’s Day celebration with Yoga And Personality Development Workshop 10th October 2015

List of the events conducted by Civil Department in session 2014-15 (Even sem)

Sr. No. Name of Activity Date
1 Guest Lecture by Er.Udaysingh Bisen(Topic-Lets explore concrete) 19-01-2015
2 Guest Lecture by Dr.Rahul Ralegaokar(Sustainable concrete) 23-01-2015
3 Talk on Vedic Science(Swami GopaVrinda Pala Dasa) 30-01-2015
4 Talk on Success in Life(Swami Adwaitanand, Chinmay Mission) 07-02-2015
5 National Conference “CYNOSURE-15? 03&04-03-2015

Events conducted under FORUM

List of the events conducted by Civil Department in session 2014-15 (Odd sem)

Sr. No. Name of Activity Date
1 Live demonstration of Yoga by Prof. M.A.Gaidhane 21-06-2014
2 Vyasanmukti 26-06-2014
3 Installation Ceremony of FORCE 26-07-2014
4 Felicitation of toppers 26-07-2014
5 Guest Lecture by Vijay Ranjan 06-08-2014
6 Inauguration of wall magazine 12-08-2014
7 Blood donation camp 22-08-2014
8 Teacher’s day celebration 06-09-2014
9 Traditional Day celebration 06-09-2014
10 Engineers day celebration 15-09-2014
11 Guest lecture by Ms. Sonali Gadpalliwar 10-10-2014

Founders Day Celebration

Events 2017-18

Events (Odd Semester 2015)

Cynosure 2015-16


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