Festivals / Activities / Seminars / Workshops/ Hostel

Festivals / Activities / Seminars / Workshops

National, state and inter collegiate festival, workshops and seminars are organized drawing teams from all over the nation, state and other colleges, giving students an opportunity to explore their talents & broaden their horizon.

Following are the Festivals/workshop/seminars conducted by the Institute:

⇛ Udaan - Cultural fest by the Institute, held annually
⇛ NCOAT Nirmiti - Technical National paper presentation and project competition by Electronics &Communication Department.
⇛ Aspire - Aspire state level paper presentations and project competition by computer science & Engineering/Information Technology Department.
⇛ Tarang - A Musical Group

In order to trap the aesthetic and musical talent of the students, Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology has formed a musical group named Tarang'. The group aims to widen its domain by providing platform to more and more students for exposing their talent outside the campus also.


The hostel life develops the personality of a student in many ways e.g. co-operation, time management, crisis management, adaptation to environment, which makes him/her a bold and confident person which are definitely the qualities looked for by various companies.