Department of Applied Humanities

Head of the Department

The department of Humanities is a knowledge warehouse of diverse interdisciplinary subjects which are limitlessly essential for professional career as well as personal and social life. It lends a human touch to all technical activities and sensitizes the young minds about linguistic, economics, managerial, enviornmental, business intelligence, philanthropic and psychological dimensions of social and corporate world order. The department comprises of eight faculty members with two doctorate degree to its credit.

The other members are dedicated research scholars currently pursuing their doctorate. The department has state of art language lab designed as per the requirement of students with learning material of over 5000hrs. The department is involved in the teaching learning process with students from first year to the final semesters of various engineering programs. Through Functional English and Communication Skills it prepares its students to gain the competitive edge in the corporate world. The insight regarding business intelligence, business analytics and policy study intelligence are imparted through subjects like economics and management.

The subjects as cited above like Functional English, Ethical Science, Economics and Management are the backbone for formation of student's corporate careers and career advancements. The core knowledge of these subjects is interdisciplinary in nature and it cuts across all professional boundaries, contributes phenomenally towards empowering the students for gainful employment and entrepreneurship.