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Department: First Year, Applied Chemistry                                                                     Dated: 28/02/2020
Participated by: B.E. First Year Students of All branches
Venue: Chemistry LAB
Event: RASAYAN 2020
Purpose/ objective: An inter collegiate poster competition and Science Tricks competition where students of different colleges participated thereby creating a very positive competitive spirit hence rendering confidence amongst the students. The topic of the poster competion was " Chemistry has all solutions.... for sustainable future and the theme of Science Tricks Competition was "Let's experiment".

Resource persons:

Dr. Mrs. P. N. Warnekar
Dr. S. U. Meshram, LIT Nagpur

Dr. V. M. Shivankar, Ambedkar College

Conclusion/ Remark: The topic of the poster competition and the theme of Science tricks is designed so that the students contribute their ideas and thoughts in the areas which are related to topics other than the curriculum.
Total No. of Participating Students : 37

Events 2018-19

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