Department of Applied Chemistry

Head of the Department

The Department has a dedicated team of staff members and distinguished faculty, trained at renowned Institutes in India and abroad. Several members of the faculty have been elected as members of various bodies at University level. The faculty has been active in organizing and participating Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, scientific meetings from time to time and they are being invited to deliver lectures at various national and international conferences, short term training programmes and symposia. The Department offers a vibrant atmosphere to students and faculty to nurture the spirit of scientific nquiry and to pursue cutting-edge research in a highly encouraging environment.

The Department has well equipped laboratory and offers core course in chemistry for undergraduate B.E. students in the Institute. In addition, a continuous Testing and analysis of samples, are carried out in collaborations with different Industries and is also involved in various consultancy projects.

The department is developing a futuristic testing lab for industry related material like fuel, lubricants, water effluents and plastics to benefit not only industries coming up in the region but also final year mechanical engineering and civil engineering students.