Department of Applied Physics

About Department

Department of Applied Physics has faculty keenly devoted to teaching, research and extra-curricular activities. It has a strong team of eight faculty members pursuing research in important areas such as Materials science, Luminescence, X-ray spectroscopy, Super capacitors, Ferrites, and Education reforms. Seven faculty members have been awarded Ph.D. and one faculty member is pursing doctoral research. Research papers contributed by faculty members are regularly published in national and international journals and conferences of high repute. Faculty members are also invited as resource persons for various workshops and have bagged honours such as best paper award, fellowships, scholarships and patents. Apart from well-equipped laboratories, the department has developed a proactive knowledge centre to encourage curiosity and creativity among students beyond curriculum.


The knowledge center aims to convey how knowledge promises enjoyment, employment, empowerment and enlightenment to the learners. The learning pursuits of students are facilitated by experts to enable them to reach their cherished goals.