Department of Chemical Engineering
(Accredited by N.B.A.)

Head of the Department

Dr. Swarda Mote is presently working as Associate Professor & Head of Department of Chemical Engineering. She has completed her B. Tech from Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, Nagpur & Subsequently completed her M.E.And PhD from RTM Nagpur University.

She has got a rich research experience of 12 years working at NEERI & JNARDDC, Nagpur under many sponsored projects related to Solid Waste Management, Waste water treatment & Bauxite & Aluminium related research respectively.

She has an academic experience of 22 years and a founder member of Deptt of Chemical Engineering PCE, Nagpur.

She is a member of many professional bodies like ISTE, STAMI, INAAR etc. She has more than 35 publications of National & International repute at her credit. She has also presented several papers at national & international conferences for which she has visited countries like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia, Warsaw, Poland etc. She has authored a book entitled "Anaerobic Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste Leachates by LAP Lambert Publishing House.

She was a Chairman of Board of Studies of Chemical Engineering at RTM Nagpur University from 2016-2022 and member from 2013 till date.

During this journey of her academics & administration she has been actively organizing various activities at international & National levels, Inter and Intra collegiate levels like conferences, seminars, and AICTE Sponsored STTPs SDPS, FDPs, MOU signing etc.

Presently she is a Principal Instigator of AICTE Funded Research Promotion Scheme entitled "Carbon dioxide Capture in amines nanoparticles hybrid nanofliuds"


Dr. Swarda Mote
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