Department of Electrical Engineering
(Accredited by N.B.A.)

Ph. D. Awarded

Dr .Rahul Adle (RTMNU , Nagpur) 2018 19
Dr. Rashmi Keswani (VNIT, Nagpur) 2015-16
Dr. K. B. Porate (RTMNU, Nagpur) 2014-15
Dr. S.P. Muley (VNIT, Nagpur) 2013-14
Dr. S. B. Warkad (VNIT, Nagpur) 2012-13
University Office Bearer

Dr. (Mrs) S. P. Muley Chairman, BoS, Electrical, Faculty of Engg & Tech. RTMNU, Nagpur 2011 to 2015
Dr. K. B. Porate Member BOS (Electrical ) RTMNU, Nagpur from Aug 2015 till date
Prof. U. E. Hiwase Member, taskforce, (Power Engg.), RTMNU, Nagpur from Aug 2015 till date

Patents Name of patent holder/Reserch scholar Patent No. Title Superviser Phd Reg. no.
1. Mr. Rahul V. Adle, Dr.M.M.Renge, Dr. Mrs. S. P. Muley - Single Stage Drive for Three Phase Solar Pump - -
2. Dr K. B. Porate, Ms. D. K. Porate - Control for WECS using common synchronizing circuit - -
3. Ms. Rutuja Pawar - Device for providing load compensation and Harminic metigation In an Alternating current power system - -
4. Dr K. B. Porate, Prof. U. E. Hiwase, Prof. B. N. Shikkewal - Process for Energizing the process machine by Inverter Fed Motors. - -

Quality publications of faculties in refereed/ SCI Journals with citations Name of Faculty Paper title Journal name Details CITATIONS
1. Dr.K.B.Porate Impact of wind power on generation economy and emission from coal based thermal power plant International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, Elesevier Volume 44, Issue 1, January 2013, Pages 889896 4
2 Dr.R. A. Keswani Multi-resolution Analysis for Converter Switch Faults Identification IET Transaction on Power Electronics Vol. 8, Issue-5, pp. 783-792 , 2015 5
3 Dr.R. A. Keswani Wavelet Modulus Maxima for Single Switch Open Fault in Multi-level Inverter Electric Power Components and Systems, Taylor and Francis Vol.42, Issue-9, 2014, pp. 889-900 0
4 Ms. Rutuja Pawar Modified ISRA Baesed Control for operating Electric Spring in Active Power Filter Mode IET Transaction on Power Electronics - -