Department of Electronics & Communication

Facilities :

Sr.No. Labs Practical Courses Conducted Equipments Lab In-charge
1. Electronics Workshop Laboratory Electronics Workshop, Microprocessor and Microcontroller Analog & Digital IC Tester
PCB Manufacturing Unit
Multisim Education version-8,
Spice Simulation software CD.2 Manual 1
Orcad Pspice, Orcad Layout Plus
Prof. D. A. Kapgate
2. Electronics Devices & Circuit. Electronics Devices & Circuit, 20 MHz Dual Trace CRO,20 Mhz Function Generator Prof. S. S. Wasnik
3. Computer Laboratory C, OOPS, Software Workshop CPU Intel DC 2.8 Ghz
HDD Hitachi SATA 320GB
Longitech Keyboard & Mouse
Monitor BENQ 17 SQ TFT
Prof. V. V. Dabhade
4. Communication Electronics LaboratoryTelevision & Video Engineering Laboratory Communication Engineering , Television Engineering, Digital communication Digital Storage Oscilloscope (200 MHZ) - 2
Spectrum Analyser (150 HZ-3GHZ) - 2
Logic Analyser
CDMA Trainer
Satellite Communication Trainer
Prof. V. B. Bagde
5. Digital Circuits and Microprocessor Laboratory Digital Circuits and Fundamentals of Microprocesso 1) Digital Trainer,
2) Digital IC Tester
3) NVIS Digital circuits kits-Logic gates, CMOS-TTL characteristics,Parallel adder-substractor, Flip-flops, Arithmetic Logic Unit Trainer, BCD Adder-substractor trainer, SOP-POS implementation trainer
Prof. G. P. Halde
Microprocessor and Microcontrollers 1) 8086 Microprocessorand 8051 Microcontroller trainer with Application Boards AD-DAII, AD-DA-III, Traffic light controller,Stepper motor Interface Card,Temperature controller
2) 20 Mhz Dual Trace CRO
Microprocessor & Interfacing 1) 8085 Microprocessor Trainer kits with application boards AD-DA-II
2) 25MHz Logic Scope
6. Analog Circuits Design / UHF & Microwave Engineering Laboratory Analog Circuits Designs, Microwave and Radar Engineering SICO UHF Workbench
Levis UHF Workbench
60 MHz Dual Trace CRO
3 MHz Function Generator
Prof. A. C. Kailuke
7. Digital Signal Processing Digital Signal Processing, DSP Processor and It's Architecture DSP Starter Kit for 6713 with code composer studio, TEXAS Part No.: TMDSDK6713 & amp; DSP Starter Kit Texas Part No.: TMDSDK5416 Prof. A. D. Bijwe
8. Research Laboratory Research Programs,Advance Digital System Design,Computer Communication Network Data communication trainer
Link E Fiber Optics Trainer kit
Optical Fiber Communication Principal Experimental Kit
Prof. S. I. Parihar
9. Innovation Laboratory/Digital Image Processing Laboratory Beyond Syllabus Advance Image Processing Lab Setup (EDAS/Wavelet/Analog Device)
Video Camera - Sony make
Digital Camera - Nikon make
DVD Player - Sony make
Colour Printer - EPSON make
LCD Projector - EPSON make
Host Machine Intel i5 based CPU
Frame Grabber Card (inside the host machine)
Prof. A. V. Warhade