International Projects - EGEA

EGEA (Enhancing Green Economy In Three Asian Countries)

About EGEA (Enhancing Green Economy): Education for Sustainable Development is internationally recognised as an important mechanism for sustainable processes and a transformation towards an economy that conserves resources and acts environmentally sound.

Shifting paradigms toward so-called "green growth" and a "green economy" can only be achieved by raising awareness at all levels of education, both formal and informal. In its curricula and the didactic approach of teaching concepts, higher education varies significantly from other learning situations and has the most potential to bring about a sustainable, broad empowerment of citizens and actors in political and economic decision-making with scientifically founded, sustainability-related content.

Our project EGEA addresses this theory and develops and evaluates modules with and for higher education institutions from three Asian countries in four core disciplines. This action-oriented pedagogical approach supposes a catalytic effect of the universities sending graduates into the world who are able and willing to impact the future in a sustainable way.