Department of Information Technology

Student Achievement


Sr. No. Name of Student Title of Patent Recognition Organized
Session Year
1 Khushi Katre, Ayush Asutkar, Dhriti Pande, Sakshi Banait, Sunil Mourya Title of Patent : Planttire- A mobile App for Detecting Deteriorating health of Cotton plant and Relevent suggestions Patent Published   2022-23 Date of fiiling of application 07/11/2022 and Publication date 18/11/2022

Sr. No.

Name of Student

Event Name






Ayush Jibhkate

ELECTRRICA 22.0 in association with  The Instutution of Engineers (INDIA), Student Chapter, Local Center, Compition name : Mindfest

3rd Position

YCCE, Department of Electrical Engineering




Dhanshri Meshram, Shreyash Parsawar,Romesh Meshram, Prachi Tagde, Prajakta Raut

TECHNOVENZA-2K23 :A National level Technical event

Winner at Project Competition

Priyadarshini college of Engineering, Department of Information Technology



Sr. No. Name of Student Event Name Award Organized
Session Year
1 Jayesh Chakole, Palash Rokde, Shruti Barai, Pooja Maher, Ankita Kukudkar National Conference NCASIT-2022 Best Paper Award Saint Vincent Palloti College of Engineering, Nagpur. 2021-2022 18th April 2022


Sr. No Inter-institute events Name Institute Name Date Name of Students Session Awards in the events
1 Event Name: AICTE Sponsored 2nd International Conference On Green Energy for Sustainable Development- 2020 Government Polytechnic, Nagpur 28-02-2020 & 29-02-2020 & 29-02-2020 Mr. Amitabh Kale, Lakshita Vyas, Aatanu Pal, Shreeja Sinha, 2019-2020 Best Paper Award

S.N Name of Investigator Title of Patent Status Application No Date of filing Application
1 Dr. P. S. Prasad Fastener Lock Publication Date : 06/09/2020 202021047163 A 29/10/2020


RTMNU Toppers Winter 2019 (Session 2019-2020)

3rd Semester
RANK University Roll No Name of the Student Pointer
10th 327436 Narandra T. Moundekar 7.78

5th Semester
RANK University Roll No Name of the Student Pointer
6th 347563 Trupti B. Patle 7.31

7th Semester
RANK University Roll No Name of the Student Pointer
3rd 365771 Renu D. Lode 8.03


University Topper : Ms. Kanchan Chopde, VII SEm, Rank 3rd. (Session 2017-18) :

Sr. No. Session Sem Name of Student University Merit No.
1 2016-17 VII Kanchan Chopde (8.97) Second
2 2017-18 VIII Kanchan Chopde (9.00) Second
3 VIII Mayuri Talikar (8.91) Fifth
4 VIII Nikita Sahu (8.91) Fifth
5 VI Risheen Patil (8.78) Fourth
6 VI Nilesha Shendre (8.70) Fifth

Placement Details :

Year 2019-20
Sr. No Name of Student Company
1 Devashree Bhattacharya TCS, Infosys
2 Bhushan Parwe Lido Ed-Tech
3 Vaishnavi Tripathi Genpact
4 Shisheer Shirbhate Collabera, Tech Mahindra
5 Mrunalini Gumgaonkar Hexaware Technologies
6 Gaurab Biswas SGS Technical Services pvt. Ltd.
7 Sagar Dhapke Excellon
8 Anshuli Chitade FACE
9 Darshika Gajbhiye FACE
10 Abhishek Talmale Cryptex Technology
11 Minal Adakne SGS Technical Services pvt. Ltd.
Year 2018-19
TCS 1) Poonam Wadhi
Syntel 1) Amita Warang
Amita Warang 1) Smita Chauhan
2) Chitralekha Damahe
3) Chetna Ghonge
4) Ashwini Ukey
Infocepts 1) Risheen Mankar
FACE, Pune 1) Prajakta Kshrisagar
Motif, Ahmadabad 1) Aniket Kanere
Coalmines, Nagpur 1) Shashank Ganvir
ConnQT.Pvt.Ltd 1) Rupali Satpaise
Prision Services Pvt., Lmt., Hydrabad 1) Punam Wadhi
2) Risheen Patil
3) Amita Warang
4) Prajakta Kshirsagar
Year 2017-18
AMAZON: 1) Aishwarya Torat
2) Kanchan Chopde
3) Harshal Kamble
4) Nikita Sahu
5) Akhil Dhankute
Prision Services Pvt., Lmt., Hydrabad 1) Rahul Chaudhary
2) Shubham Kanfade


11 April'16: We all travel using public transportations and railway is one of the major source of daily transportation. Thinking of travelling through train immediately clicks in mind about rush and chaos that shall be faced to make journey successful. Those rush and huge crowd may include people travelling illegally i.e. travelling without ticket.

Final year I.T Students of Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nagpur named Shahid Sheikh, Nikhil Lade, Dnyandeep Tirpude, Abhishek Tiwary, Prateek Gharde have developed a system called "RAILWAY SECURITY SYSTEM" which do not allow passenger without ticket to travel or use railway resources. This system generate the railway tickets and authenticate them to valid passenger using their unique PNR number. The railway ticket will contain a QR codes that are unique among themselves. This QR Code consist of some encrypted code .When the passenger goes to the railway station to board the train they have to scan the tickets in front of scanner. If the ticket is valid then only the gates will open otherwise the gate remains closed. The system will contain a database that will keep a track of all transactions. Such flexibility is useful to improve the security and maintenance of the organization.

We have participated in various competitions and exhibitions like COMP-EX'16. We have won 5 Project competitions from various engineering colleges, and got very good appreciation from all people who had gone through our Project. Not only this, we have taken feedbacks from the locals around them. Maximum people showed up their interest to involve such concept in real life. Security is necessary for everyone, and they have taken steps toward that.

Paper published in international journal IJEEBS.

  • Won 1st prize in national conference as best paper in NCRTCSIT at Priyadarshini College of engineering, Nagpur.
  • Won 1st prize in J.D College of engineering, Nagpur.
  • Won 2nd prize in Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur.
  • Won 3rd prize in Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi College of engineering, Nagpur.