Industry Institute Interaction Cell

About Cell :


Mr. Himanshu V. Taiwade
Coordinator (Industry Interactions Cell) and Assistant Professor in CSE Department
Cell No: 9766632656

Due to the liberal economic and industrial policies adopted by the Govt. of India the industrial scenario in India is fast changing and industries have to compete with the international companies. Quality products and well trained manpower is the need of the industries. To develop highly qualified and skilled manpower for industries is the main responsibility of technical institutions. These objectives can only be achieved well by bridging the gap between industry and the technical institute.
The main objective of III cell of Institute is to enhance the Industry-Institute interaction and create the confidence in industry which would result industries involving voluntarily at various stages of Institute development. This mutual interaction will also benefit the students with exposure to latest technology used in industries and working culture of industries. The III cell will make students of various disciplines more compatible for selection of various leading industries for training, internship, case study or for placement.

For the smooth functioning of various activities, the III Cell consisting of following member is constituted for the session 2021-22:

Sr. No.

Faculty Name




Mr. Himanshu V. Taiwade


Coordinator (9766632656)


Dr. (Mrs.) P. U. Chati

E & TC

98909 01609


Dr. Sanvidhan Suke


96570 53114


Abhijit Warhade

E & C

95793 49168


Mr. Nilesh Pathare

Mechanical Engg.

90110 84355


Mr. Jogi John

Computer Technology

99220 55541


Mr. P. N. Fale

Information Technology

95455 33887


Ms. Sharada Mungale

Electronics Engg.

99706 15935


Ms. Avantika Sonalikar

Electronics and Power

98819 71256


Mr. Sumit Chauhan

Civil engg.

99609 26927


Mr. Ashish Meshram

Aeronautical Engg

99234 27800


Mr. Muneeb Ahmad

Electrical Engg.

77440 05311


Mr. Abdul Rahim

Chemical Engg.

80558 98262


Ms. Trupti Manewar




Dr. Umesh Akare


96898 84886


- To promote the close interaction with industries and various academic institutions for exchange of knowledge transfer between industries and institute
- To give the industrial exposure to students by promoting activities like industrial training, visit, field trip, expert lecture of industry persons, internship, etc
- To promote the research as per the need of industry and to expedite the joint research activities for students and faculties.
- To increase the involvement of industrial persons in curriculum development, finding out the curriculum gap, developing mechanism to bridge the curriculum gap
- Implementation of AICTE - CII Survey parameters at institute level
- To make the students adaptable to industrial standards and subsequent placement of students
- To motivate the students and faculty members for submission of various funding proposal, consultancy assignments, patents, participation in project competitions, etc.


- To cultivate the strong links with industry. Prepare the list of the Industry available nearby and categories as per requirements.
- Preparation of students groups for Industrial training, Sponsored projects, Mini projects, Industrial case study, Internships, Vocational training. To provide internships for students in industries, this will prepare the students for entering in the industry. Identification of Industry related to Academics, Interaction with the Industries, and Communication with the Industry, Conduction of Training in Industry, Report Preparation and Documentation.
- To provide continuing education to people working in industries/ Faculty so that they can upgrade their technical knowledge. Exchange of Experts between the Institute and Industry. Identifying and preparing / updating a list of top executives and technologists from various industries / establishments in the region and working out a system of inviting them to address the faculty and students. To promote various industrial activities among the faculty members and students.
- Identify gap between industry and Institution and prepare action plan. Organize visiting faculty/Guest Lectures from industry Experts to share their expertise and practical knowledge with both faculty and students.
- To have a closer linkage and promote research suited to industry needs, and consultancy.
- Preparation of proposal to various agencies to promote III cell activities.
- Arranging Industry personnel meeting in the campus, collect feedback, Impact analysis and action plan.
- To sign MOUs and agreements with various industrial organization to promote various forms of interactions for all courses.


To achieve its objectives following methodology/ strategy adopted by III Cell:

Symbiotic Relationship
In order to promote close relationship between various departments and industry, III cell is continuously making dialogue with industry.
Inviting industry executives to discuss and share thoughts, ideas and experiences.
Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the departments and industries to exchange of knowledge transfer and to bring the two sides strategically closer

Industry Exposure to Students and Faculty members
Industry exposure to students through industry visits, expert lecture of industry persons, practical training/summer and winter internship in industries.
Students' projects/dissertation work in industries under joint guidance of the faculty and experts from industry.
Organizing Industrial tour, Industrial visit, Field trip, Guest lectures, workshops, seminars on latest trends/developments for faculty members by industry experts.
Motivating and allowing the students to participate Vocation Educational Training program (VET), Summer/Winter Industry Internship, Industrial Case Study

Providing help to Industries and Faculty members
To motivate the students and faculty members for submission of various funding proposal
To motivate the students and faculty members for submission of patents on their project work or research work , etc
Consultancy assignment by the faculty to help the industries.
Providing testing and calibration services to industry.
Conducting joint research programs with industries
Industry involvement in Curriculum Development, Delivery and Assessment to bridge the curriculum gap
Participation of experts from industry in curriculum development and developing mechanism to bridge the curriculum gap.
Inviting industry professional to deliver expert lectures on the advanced topic or to teach some portion of regular curriculum.
Involvement of industry professional in students' project assessment, industry based projects or sponsored projects from industries


1)   Memorandum of Understandings (MoU's)

List of MoUs 2018-2022

List of MoUs with Institutions

MoU Documents

2)   Workshops/ seminars conducted on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Industry-Academia Innovative practices.










3)   Linkages for Faculty exchange, Student exchange, Internship, Field trip, on-the- job training, research etc.






4)   Students benefited by Vocational Education and Training (VET).


List of Students benefited by VET

VET-Session 2017-18

VET-Session 2016-17

VET-Session 2015-16

VET-Session 2014-15

VET-Session 2013-14

5)   Awards / Achievements:

Priyadarshini College of Engineering Ranked in Gold Category in the Survey conducted by AICTE- CII in Session 2018-19 & 2017-18.

Report of AICTE- CII Survey-2019

Report of AICTE- CII Survey-2018

Report of AICTE- CII Survey-2017

6)   Industry Visit/ Tour :

Priyadarshini College of Engineering Industry Visit/ Tour

Session 2021-22

Session 2019-20

Session 2018-19

Session 2017-18

Session 2016-17

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7)   Industry Stake Holder Meeting / Activity :

Priyadarshini College of Engineering Industry Stake Holder Meeting & Activity

Session 2021-22

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