Soft Skill Training Department

Soft Skill Training Department :

PCOE aims at empowering and synergizing human resources to achieve excellence in one's life and in the process improve the quality of life of others. It acts as a catalyst in the journey of self-exploration to self-empowerment through its unique training programs for faculty members and students. PCOE plays a pivotal role in bringing about the required transformation amongst the students, teachers and trainers via its various wings.

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Soft Skills Training Department
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Counseling and Testing Cell
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Soft Skills Training Department:

Teaching-learning process has undergone tremendous change lately. Today, teacher's duty is not limited to dissemination of 'information' but also to ensure the 'formation' (emotional, social and moral) of a student. Self empowered faculty is capable of improving not only the quality of education but also the quality of life of a student as they are actively engaged in building the human resource of the future.

The current industry trend, the industry expectation and students requirment has always created a proof of thoughts for our colleges and has encouraged us to deliver better and better to cater and fulfill both, industry and students's expectation. Keeping this changing trend and demand, Priyadarshini Centre of Excellence has proposed the detailed trianing proposal for all engineering students of all years.

Soft Skills Training SST : The objective of SST is to develop the overall soft skills of the students which are not only required in their corporate life but also during their day to day life. The complete module consists of various topics like confidence building, stage daring, accepting, change, ettiqete and mannerism etc which help them develop as a confident individual.

Employability Enhancement training : The Module of EET is designed with the objective to introduce various skills and training required as required for being employable in any industry. Today the industry needs good people who are self starter employees. This program is designed from basics Resume, GD PI Self intro, stress management, team playing, etc are topics for example.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) :
O To develop core competencies required for the industry such as communication skills and collaboration, leadership, creative thinking and problem-solving skills, personal management, the ability to work in teams or groups and leadership effectiveness.
O To develop an educated, well learned, individual with positive attitude and enhanced Knowledge and Skills so that they become acceptable to the industry.
O To build confidence and develop the spirit of taking initiative, thereby helping them generate creative ideas and productive solutions.

Counseling and Testing Cell

During the last decade, university and colleges around the world have noticed the growing number of students seeking counselling services. The psychological counselling services were active from the initiation of Priyadarshini centre of excellence. With growing needs and spectrum of the concerned areas, the requirement of a formal body was sensed. Thus, the Counselling and Testing Cell, under the aegis of Priyadarshini Centre of Excellence was inaugurated on August 6th, 2015 in Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology. The event was manifested with a Mental Health Awareness Exhibition and was inaugurated by Dr Rupashree Khubalkar,Head P.G.Dept.Of Psychology,RTMNU.

Dr Sudhir BhaveRenowned Psychiatrist of Central India and Dr Rozina Rana,Head PCOE had graced the occasion. At times our usual ways of handling problems aren't working for some reason and we feel stuck. Counseling and Testing Cell helps students to figure out their concerns develop a more positive outlook and regain a sense of control and pleasure in life.

Lakshya : This is the newest member of the various training modules. This module is introduced with the objective of creating a platform for the eligible and interesated students only where they can explore themselvesand experience the actual recruitment drive scenario. Hence it focusses on limited topics like GD, Self introduction and resume building etc.

Campus to Corporate :

This module focusses and ensures that the EET Module Practiced and revised throuroughly so that the students should be ready for the big transition of their life. Ie , campus to corporate. Detailed practice on GD , KYC, Email writing etc are some of the topics of the module. These topics help them to get through selection process of corporate industry.

"Quest for the Best" (Q4B) Key features:

It is a specially designed Faculty Empowerment Program keeping in view the needs of engineering college teachers. The module and sessions are based on a detail need analysis of the various aspects of teaching - learning process, behavioural traits in Teacher-Student relationship and interpersonal relations amongst teachers, seniors & subordinates. More than 2000 Engineering Faculty members from 30 Engineering Institutions have participated and benefited. Youth Icon

"YOUTH ICON - A personality contest , 60 seconds to fame, is organized for 1st year Engineering Students. The motive behind arranging the same is to get the best out of students in terms of their personality, creativity and talent. Students showcase their talents through mimicry, speech, songs, mono-act and poems and give messages of gender equality, global warming, save girl child etc. The contest gives the students a first hand experience to organize the event and perform their best.

Music Club/ Musical Bonanza :

Music club provides a platform to the students with a unique activity aiming to reduce stress levels and increase inner connection. Their enthusiasm towards music helps them to hone their hidden talents which in turn makes them creative in all other aspects of academic tenure.

Maple Leaves Art & Movie Club:

Students of all colleges come together to share experiences and ideas about the film. This club has served a great purpose of networking students from different colleges of our Sanstha. The Film Club brings interesting & unique films to the students. Each film even begins with a brief presentation of what is notable about the film.

Training Events Organized by Soft Skills Training Department