Women Development Cell

About Women Development Cell :

Mrs. Bhagyashree Dharaskar,
In-Charge, Women Development Cell
Email: bhagyashree.dharaskar@pce.edu.in, bpdharaskar@gmail.com

About the Cell:

Women Empowerment and Gender Equality are the most important requirements for the upliftment and progress of our nation. In the effort to make Pridarshini College of Engineering a strong kernel of gender sensitization, the Women Development Cell (WDC) was constituted. The Cell has both the faculty and students of the College as its members and works with an aim to create a congenial and safe working environment for all the female students, women faculty and the female staff. It has been organising varied academic, technical, medical, cultural and social events for the upliftment of women and spread the real importance of gender equality in the society through College students.

Objectives of the Cell:
The cell is functioning actively for the overall development of the girl students & staff. The activities include, lectures/Seminars/Workshops on

  • Self Defence
  • Women Safety
  • Cyber Crime
  • Women in Society
  • Social Ethics
  • Stress Management

Major Activities of WDC :
Academic Year 2018-19

  • Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship Development
  • An address by Dr.Sadhana Rayalu Principal Scientist head NEERI on "Unique eco friendly disposal of Sanitary Napkins Unit" being installed in PCE Campus
  • Womanista which include various competitions like Mehendi, Rangoli, Tatoomaking based on theme Women Empowerment, Girl education and Womens contribution to society
  • Flash Mob show casing Journey of a Girl through Dance Performance
  • Launching of Human library "Breathing books 1.0"

Academic Year 2017-18

  • Womens Health Awareness Program
  • International Womens Day
  • Workshop on Self Defence Techniques for Women
  • Seminar on Prevention of Thyroid and Harmonal Imbalance in female

Academic Year 2016-17

  • Womens Health Awareness Program
  • Awareness on sexual harassment at workplace by Maharashtra State Commisssion for Women
  • Career in Armed Forces for Girl students
  • Lecture on "Anti Rape Law"

Academic Year 2015-16

  • A program on "Womens Saftey" organised in association with MIDC Police Station
  • Technovanza -Poster making on theme "Save the girl child"
  • Navratri Celebration
  • Play on child marriage and evils of dowry

Academic Year 2014-15

  • Seminar on "Women Entrepreneurship"
  • Fiesta - Cultural activities
  • Workshop on "Digital Cashless Transaction"

Academic Year 2013-14

  • Mehendi and Poster competition for Girl Students
  • Inter departmental Volleyboll for girl students
  • Seminar on Cyber Crime Awareness


  • To enable women to make informed choices in areas like education, employment and health.
  • Create platform for training in skills viz painting, mehndi, beautician, jewellery designs etc.
  • The cell focuses on creation of awareness among girls and women staff, promoting their well- being, organizing seminars, workshops to help build their skills, guiding them about the women laws and working for their overall development

Objectives/Roles of Women Development Cell

  • To create social awareness about the problems of women and in particular regarding gender discrimination.
  • To develop the self confidence of Women.
  • To develop the self confidence of Women.
  • To guide about Women Welfare Laws.
  • To assert the importance of spiritual, economic, social, racial and gender Equality.
  • To highlight the importance of health and hygiene.
  • To directs Women's role in the society. To develop multidisciplinary approach for the overall personality development.
  • To organize seminars, workshops relating to women development.
  • To prevent sexual harassment and to promote general well-being of female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the College.

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