Priyadarshini Knowledge Center

A brief idea of Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center (KC) is an open, flexible and proactive initiative of Priyadarshini College of Engineering (PCE), Nagpur that facilitates natural and experiential learning based on the ignorance and curiosity of learners through a cafeteria approach that promises their enjoyment, employment, empowerment and enlightenment. Whereas the existing education centers aim at covering the syllabi and learning for marks, grades and degrees, knowledge center aims at uncovering and discovering the syllabi and learning for knowledge, skills and wisdom. This initiative was encouraged by several eminent persons that included Dr APJ Kalam, Mr Sam Pitroda, Prof CNR Rao and Mrs Pratibha Patil and by several eminent organizations that included AICTE and IEEE.

Under this initiative students can learn any topic of their interest without any anxiety of exams and marks. KC follows a simple methodology of arousing the motivation of learners and enabling their learning through mentoring. It makes use of several effective ways, which are difficult to be accommodated in the present system, such as learning through stories, anecdotes, jokes, pictures, puzzles, quotes, devices, demonstrations, applications and research. The initiative made a remarkable growth and impact in just a few years by benefitting large number of students and professionals from PCE as well as beyond it.

This can be witnessed in the steady increase in the number of exhibitions organized, posters displayed, visitors, learners, media reports, articles and papers published, lectures delivered and sessions conducted under the KC Initiative. Our encouraging experiences provide us enough motivation and confidence to propose KC as a grass root initiative that can overhaul education in India and can thus contribute significantly to India's aspiration towards a knowledge society.