Department of Bio Technology
(Accredited by N.B.A.)

About the Department

The Biotechnology department of PCE is dedicated to graduating engineers who will demonstrate successful careers in the industry through scientific thinking, interpreting, analyzing experimental results, and pursue higher education, and research in reputed national and international institutes. It is the Only Department which is NBA ACCREDIATED offering B. Tech in Biotechnology in Vidarbha region and Central India.

The inception of the dept is in 2007.
The Department provides students with fully developed, well planned, spacious and high-tech, core life-science laboratories viz., Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture Technology & Bioinformatics.
The advanced laboratory facilities provide students with all major technological know-how, making their foundation strong and polishing them to compete for any branch of Biotech sector in future.
Department introduces students to a variety of short term training programme in the field of Biotechnology at various premiere institutes like NERRI, CICR and Ankur seeds  and prepare them to persue higher studies.
The Department organizes curriculum development programmes such as Seminars, Workshops, conferences and arranges Lectures by scientist , prominent expertise of the field for the benefit of students and all round development of Staff.
The Department under its charter of execution of duties involves teachers in regular academic monitoring of courses taught, ensuring regularity of attendance of students, and informing parents of their wards’ performance in various sessional tests and other academic events.
Dept in collaboration with NIMH, CIIMS and WCL, has successfully completed the research project “Possible implications of Bioavailable iron in Coal mine dust Dr on Coal workers’ Lung disease”  grant of Rs. 96.54 Lakhs from CMPDI, Ministry of Coal (Govt. of India).
Dept has also received Research project Grant from ICMR (Govt of India) To study the effects of nano encapsulated herbal compound on silica-induced lung fibrosis in rats of worth Rs15 lakhs in January 2
The main area of focus of the dept is to guarantee the student a very healthy and productive atmosphere in the Institute which he could cherish in his lifetime.